What we do: Clear & brief

We act as agents for industrial real estates within the German-speaking countries, mainly objects for the retail trade. It doesn’t matter whether you are a purchaser/tenant looking for an attractive property or an owner who searches for the right business partner: We will find what you need.

The Rendita: Showdown

Personality: We are not an anonymous giant enterprise, but a strong duo. With the necessary transparency, we attend to our customers in all matters even after the contract has been concluded. Because long-standing, trusting customer relations are important to us.

Market knowledge: Attractiveness of town and region – they change as well as the rent index, the quality of the location, and the potential of a certain property. We are always up-to-date and ready to give you advice.

Confidentiality: We complete our transactions in a way that for example the change of an ownership will not at all become generally known. After all, the whole world does not have to know, except for our customers.